Sitting football table BOLZBOX from Pepsi on Champions League level

Pepsi Max

PepsiCo Germany, official partner of the UEFA Champions League, ensures with its sub-brand Pepsi Max that iced drinks find a place at our seated soccer table SUBSOCCER - DIE BOLZBOX. The unique football module brings joy and fascination to Germany's stadiums and sports bars, becoming a magnetic attraction for young and old alike, while providing incomparable fan entertainment! Together with Pepsi, we are looking forward to many cool matches at the BOLZBOX!

SUBSOCCER - THE BOLZBOX is an innovative and revolutionary game variant of the classic table soccer, which is played in pairs sitting under a transparent plexiglass plate. Two hocker at the respective end of the table serve as goals.

Thereby DIE BOLZBOX guarantees unbeatable playing pleasure, especially in the current time, under observance of the distance rule of 1.5 meters - completely independent of age, gender and football talent. The ball remains permanently in play due to a robust net construction, which enhances the excitement factor continuously.

You are interested in the SUBSOCCER BOLZBOX? Just get in touch with us, we are happy to assist you at any time!