SUTU Footballwall



The interactive LED goal wall as premium event module for ball sports related events.

Unique fun guarantee

The SUTU WALL is a mobile and interactive reaction wall consisting of 16 illuminated and pressure sensitive fields with LED frames. The football event module offers a wide variety of challenging games and promises a goal wall shooting 2.0. Clients and guests of your corporate events will be impressed by this high-quality LED wall, whose attractiveness is rounded off by different sounds and colored lights.


The SUTU FOOTBALLWALL is part of a culture that combines positive elements of gaming - excitement, difficulty levels and competition - with classic aspects of outdoor play, including social development, healthy exercise and a sense of community. The reaction wall can be ideally booked and used for single persons as well as two people or even small groups.

Exclusive Branding

Our interactive goal wall offers exclusive and first class branding opportunities to draw attention to your company or your customers. In addition to a frame color in line with your corporate design and 5 banner surfaces with advertising presence, the 16 LED panels can also be freely designed.


Due to its great flexibility and reliability, the SUTU WALL is suitable for training purposes as well as for any kind of sports-related events - indoor as well as outdoor - and provides a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Rent our event module SUTU for your trade fairs, corporate events, promotions, road shows, TV productions or sponsoring activations!

You are interested in the SUTU Wall? Just get in touch with us, we are happy to assist you at any time!

Game modes (extract)

Sat.1 SUTU

Play the SUTU game from the well-known German Sat.1 show "Luke! Die Schule und ich" with Luke Mockridge and compare yourself with the shooters of the show at the interactive mini SUTU goal wall - hit as many LED fields as possible at the SUTU FOOTBALLWALL within 90 seconds! Your result includes the total number of hits.


Conquer the SUTU FOOTBALLWALL in your chosen color! Try to hit as many of your opponent's fields as possible within two minutes so that the field lights up in your color (red or green). Or even better: capture every field of your opponent within two minutes and you automatically win!


Hit all 16 fields of the entire wall one after the other! It looks that easy... but if a field is hit twice, you have to start all over again! Try to hit as many fields as possible in a row. Alternative: 1 vs. 1. If a field is hit for the second time in a row, this player loses.


Hit the target before it disappears! As soon as you hit a field, it's the opponent's turn again. Where does the next field appear? The fields turn off faster and faster.


Who has the shot with the highest speed? The SUTU FOOTBALLWALL shows the result in km/h.

The SUTU FOOTBALLWALL offers many more game formats, which we will gladly present to you in detail upon request.

Are you interested in purchasing a permanently installed model?
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How it works

The 16 sutu fields are pressure-sensitive and register every individual hit on the reaction wall with pinpoint accuracy. The player receives feedback, with brightly lit LEDs indicating the progress of the game. The individual fields light up to indicate which field the player should hit next. The color of the LEDs also indicates which of the players is next.

The 4 speakers are very convenient for outdoor use. They are built into the frame of the SUTU FOOTBALLWALL. Audio-visual signals inform the players about the current game situation.

The SUTU WALL is very user-friendly and requires no further instruction: just press the button and go!

Technical requirements: Power requirements: 230V, Power supply within a radius of 25 meters

Client extract

The real football experience is BVB's top priority. Thus, the SUTU football wall as an innovative tool couldn’t fit more ideally both for our fans and for our players.
Danny Fritz, Borussia Dortmund