ICON Footballring



The interactive training circle as innovative module for
football-related events.

Challenging games

The ICON football ring is a unique action module in the shape and design of a closed circle.
The 12 illuminated LED panels, a broad selection of numerous thrilling games and a reliable tracking system invite you to take part in exciting challenges, testing and improving your speed, technique, passing accuracy and reaction.

As a crowd magnet, the ICON FOOTBALLRING combines state-of-the-art technology at the highest level with a lot of fun and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The twelve illuminated LED panels are portable and can therefore be set up and disassembled quickly and easily.


The ICON FOOTBALLRING in 360° design impresses with its robust construction combined with technical innovation. International football stars have already been able to prove themselves on our action module. The ICON FOOTBALLRING now also gives fans and customers in German-speaking countries the opportunity to compete with their idols or even try to beat their scores.

Rent our football event module now for your corporate events, trade fairs, promotions, road shows, TV productions or sponsoring activations. Challenging promotional campaigns can also be implemented easily thanks to the comprehensive game modes.

Exclusive Branding

Benefit from the individual branding possibilities around the ICON FOOTBALLRING to anchor your product or brand even stronger in the heads of your target group and increase your advertising effect.

The interactive "football circle" is literally freely
designable – Your brand, slogan or campaign narrative can be ideally implemented inside and outside on the 12 panels. Attention grabbing floor branding provides the perfect "eye catcher" and rounds off your advertising options

With regard to all brandings of our football modules, we are happy to help you at any time according to your budget.

Interactive Challenges

Exciting competitions are guaranteed thanks to the simple operation, flexible game design and objective time evaluation!

Loudspeakers and LED panels create both acoustic and visual feedback for the player. The individual panels light up and indicate which fields have to be hit next. Due to the circular shape, the ball bounces back to the player automatically.

At the end of each round, depending on the game mode, the score achieved or the time required by the players is displayed on a digital scoreboard.

You are interested in the ICON FOOTBALLRING? Just get in touch with us, we are happy to assist you at any time!

Game modes (extract)


In this game mode your passing accuracy is required, as points are also deducted as soon as an incorrect pass is played. During the game, 2 LED fields light up continuously in green and 1 additional LED field lights up in orange. The green fields count 3 points, the orange fields count 1 point. All other fields in the interactive soccer circle light up in red color and mean one minus point each. Within a period of 60 seconds, as many points as possible should be scored.


In this game mode, time is the decisive factor - at the beginning, all 12 fields light up blue - these must be shot out as quickly as possible. Our digital scoreboard shows the exact time at the end of the game - the faster the time, the more successful the player.


The ICON FOOTBALLRING displays randomly flashing lights within a set time period (for example 60 seconds) - as many fields as possible must be hit. The result includes the total number of hits.


Catalyst is an extended alternative to the "PASSFINDER" game mode. Two nearby fields light up and must be hit before a new pair appears in a different location. The total number of hits counts at the end here as well.

The ICON FOOTBALLRING offers many more game formats, which we will gladly present to you in detail upon request.

How it works

Speakers and LED panels generate both acoustic and visual feedback for the player. The individual panels light up and indicate which fields are to be hit afterwards. Due to the circular shape, the balls played always bounce back to the player. At the end of each round, depending on the game mode, the score achieved or the time taken by the players is displayed on a digital scoreboard.

Technical requirements: Power requirements: 230V, Power supply within a radius of 25 meters

Client extract

With the "Footballiade", the BFV regularly celebrates youth and amateur football in Bavaria. The ICON Footballring inspired the young and old kickers equally.
Dennis von Malottke, Bavarian Football Association
We used the ICON football ring at the season opening of 1. FC Cologne and the response was excellent. A great technology, perfect branding opportunities and a huge participation factor.
Zarah Antonaci, RheinEnergie AG