SUBSOCCER - BOLZBOX on Sky "A league of its own - Buschi's chain of six"

Sky One

The soccer event module SUBSOCCER - DIE BOLZBOX celebrated its TV premiere in a German TV show in December 2020. In the "ELFS Christmas Special! of the sports comedy show "Eine Liga für sich - Buschis Sechserkette," Lothar Matthäus and Pierre Littbarski reviewed the 2020 sports year on SKY One.

The two 1990 world champions fought a duel and competed against each other in various rounds of matches. At the BOLZBOX, Lothar Matthäus and Pierre Littbarski then took up the challenge for the second time on one of the BALL INCLUSIVE football tools - both had already proven themselves on the TV show "LUKE! Die Schule und ich" on the interactive SUTU FOOTBALLWALL.

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